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    1. This page is index.htm page.
      In order to modify the slogan on the flash animation, you would change text in Input.txt file.
      This file is allowed to add your own texts instead our example text.

      This template is only work with the below texts.
      - Services
      - Contact us

      How to change text in flash animation:
      1. Open Input.txt file
      2. You would see scripts like below
      --t1=Your company slogan add your text1 here
      --&t2=Your company slogan add your text2 here

      3. Modify texts both t1 and &t2
      --t1=Your own text1
      --&t2=Your own text2

      4. You should make sure the path of input.txt and .SWF file.
      Those files must be located in default folders.
      You can use this space to provide news or notice what your site is all about.
      AboutServicesPartnerPress centerSurpport


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